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Mark Jacobs

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At ScaleWerks℠ we’ve been at the forefront of change as thought and implementation leaders our entire careers. We know that change is not a single initiative … and Scale is not merely another program; Scale is a way of seeing the world – it’s a paradigm – a lifestyle. And like any healthy lifestyle, it can be learned, internalized, and be a source of life-sustaining energy. According to a McKinsey Corporate Performance Analysis, less than 8% of strategic initiatives result in performance improvement. As seasoned authorities in sustainable value creation, we’ve made careers of leading that 8%.

Mark Jacobs

Mark B. Jacobs has spent 30 years in executive leadership successfully guiding major growth initiatives – many starting as turnaround efforts. He has led re-capitalizations, start-ups, and key organizational change agendas that have scaled company growth and performance.

He co-authored the SmartScale process which is built on his years of hands-on experience and expertise in Lean Manufacturing, Quality Systems, Sales & Operations Planning, Category Design & Development, Leadership Development, and Technology-Driven transformations.

Scott Tollefson

Managing partner
Sell To Scale
Scott has spent over 23 years leading sales organizations to achieve Scale through the development of high-performing sales teams and the execution of market-winning sales strategies.

His collaborative leadership style and commitment to excellence serving customers helps clients improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of their sales & marketing organizations to achieve sustainable revenue growth – opening the organization to achieving sustainable scaling. He's turned around and accelerated the growth of middle-market and small businesses across diverse industries.

Aldy Keene

Managing partner
Scaling Insights
A pioneer and thought leader in his field, Aldy Keene provides strategic vision and direction for the Loyalty Research Center. He also leads a dynamic team of Project Directors, Researchers, Program Managers, Statisticians, and Consultants to deliver exceptional value to clients. Aldy founded Loyalty Research Center in 1997, offering cutting edge research and consulting in the area of stakeholder relationship measurement and management.

Jackie Davis

Analytics & Loyalty Director
Scaling Insights
Starting her career at Loyalty Research Center as a Program Manager, Jackie worked primarily with complex, internationally based clients. A firm believer in the power of customer information after seeing it first-hand, Jackie now takes ownership of the image, communication, and lead generation strategies at LRC.

Rob Locke

Director, Process Innovation
Scaling Technologies
Rob has worked in the IT arena for over 30 years with the last 20 devoted to software development and leadership. He has a wealth of knowledge, that covers infrastructure, software development, business operation, and management. Rob offers his experience with a depth that allows him to understand the problem, visualize the solution, and execute the implementation.

Dawn Taylor

Digital Designer
Scaling Technologies
Although trained in traditional graphic design Dawn has been specializing exclusively in digital design for the last ten years. She gains a deep understanding of clients' ideas through careful listening and problem solving thought processes. She helps to map out ideas in a way that can be discussed, refined, and rationalized, creating an understanding between the ideas of our clients and the technical minds of our developers. She has an eye for clean, modern design.
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