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Reframe & Respond

Regaining control in unpredictable times

When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.

John F. Kennedy

Scaling your business in unpredictable times

We are in the most unstable period that many of us have ever experienced. Intuition alone cannot pull us through our rapidly changing reality. We need a way to reframe our circumstances so we can respond effectively to drive sustainable revenues and perpetuate increased earnings.

How companies take back control is critical. By carefully discovering what is in our power to know (our customer’s needs), we can mitigate the damage caused by the unknown (the fallout from the Covoid19 pandemic). It starts with understanding the most loyal and profitable customers in a way that clearly articulates what they want and need. This understanding can then be used to chart an innovative course that delivers on those aspirations.

Step 1:


Your most valuable asset is your customer - and recognizing customer patterns is your most valuable process. Most companies that fail can trace that failure back to not clearly understanding, appreciating, or having the process to respond to changing customer patterns. In this fast-changing world, do you have deep insight into, clearly understand, appreciate, and have the capacity to respond to your customers’ changing patterns? The answer to that question is the difference between success or failure.

Once you have deep insight it will become apparent how you can best serve your customer in a way that truly addresses their needs. We call this the ‘job to be done’; and will be the cornerstone to your company’s bright future.
Step 2:


Building on this cornerstone, you can successfully execute the “Mid-Life Company Accelerator” protocol for radical performance improvement…and thereby achieve significant profitability, growth, and valuation increase.

Business is all about embracing opportunities. Economic downturns are the best time to bring new ideas to the market. During challenging times, most companies protect their existing assets, which gives those with deep customer insight an opportunity to gain advantage and lay the groundwork to scale.

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The mid-life company accelerator
Take part in the Mid-life Company Accelerator to learn vital insights about your customers and create a solid plan for moving forward. By acquiring and retaining loyal customers your business can generate sustainable revenues, perpetuate increasing earnings, and maximize company value, even in times of radical change such as these. Contact us to start your accelerator journey.

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